Finding a Job in the Science Industry

Whether you have just graduated from school or have decided to make a career move, finding science jobs in the UK is dependent on finding a job to suit your skills, pay grade and experience. Finding science jobs are not easy as they are not posted in the local newspaper, nor will you be likely to find a sign in a laboratory window asking for an employee. However, there are a few tricks to use for finding that perfect science related job.The CV Whether you are looking at biology jobs or chemistry jobs the key to getting the attention of any employer is a well-written and well-organized CV. Experience and education are the primary focus of all science recruitment activities. Therefore it is imperative to discuss these facets of your CV in more detail than other sections of the Curriculum Vitae.Finding Job ListingsNow that you have prepared your CV and are ready to search for job listings they questions arises as where to being. This is especially true for those with very segmented science experience. For example, where does one look to find biomedical science jobs or forensic science jobs? The trick is to find an online job recruiter that specializes in the science industry.What to Look For in an Online RecruiterThere are many online job recruiters, even for the science industry. The key to finding the best site is to look at the services they offer. A good recruiter will not only let you post your CV to their web site but will offer educational links, tips on interviewing, reviews of companies looking to hire, and a means to contact the company with any recruitment questions. A good example of such a company is This company offers a place to post your CV, an area devoted to category specific employers such as pharmaceutical jobs, and plenty of tips and hints to promote yourself to potential employers.